The role of influencer marketing in the education industry

The role of influencer marketing in the education industry

There hasn’t been much scholarly discussion of how educators use social media’s business and economic aspects. In reference to literature on micro-celebrity, social media influencers, teacher social media use, teacher identity, and teacher entrepreneurship, this conceptual study describes and contextualizes the phenomena of education influencers. Some educators utilize social media channels to build their personal brands, expand their fan bases, and earn money from their perceived influence. We offer concrete examples from our research to demonstrate the influencer phenomenon in education. Education influencers can have an impact on the professional identities, practices, and beliefs of other educators. We examine potential future study directions and take into account the effects of the rise of education influencers. 

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What is an education social media influencer?

We define “Education Social Media Influencers” as follows: a social media influencer with a strong independent reputation who specializes in education and has a niche audience. Teachers, education aficionados, former teachers who have transitioned into careers as professional social media content providers, and tech specialists are some examples of education social media influencers.

What Drives the Growth of the Influencer Market?

eMarketer estimates that 84% of companies intend to start at least one campaign using influencers to promote their brands. Currently, the most successful strategy for firms to increase brand awareness among their target demographic is influencer marketing. Why is this marketing strategy growing so quickly?

Influencer marketing’s ability to draw large numbers of customers to brands and companies is just one of several factors. According to recent data, India has 448 active social media users. Seventy percent of them are active on Instagram, and 85.8% of them utilize YouTube. As a result of people being quarantined in their homes due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the numbers have increased even more. Social media users frequently favor the items and services that well-known individuals in online communities recommend as a result of the significant rise in digitalization.

What Benefits Can Influencer Marketing Bring To The Education Sector?

The entire structure of the educational system has transformed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Around the world, 1.3 billion students have been harmed by school closures. Both educators and learners have had to adjust to online and digital teaching and learning techniques. Many institutions have failed to adapt to this digital revolution. The pandemic also served as a litmus test for a number of institutions and the type of instruction they offer.

 Numerous brands have struggled to effectively transition to digital channels. Alternatives are now being thought of by parents for the future of their kids. These people can be reached by educational institutions and platforms through influencer marketing for ed-tech firms. Educational institutions can expand the reach of their brand by working with expert advisers, consultants, members of the governing educational board, educational experts, well-known teachers, opinion leaders, and other like-minded people with a large following on social media.

Why Should Companies Invest In Influencer Marketing For Education?

  • You’ve probably heard the adage “knowledge is power.” We assert that educators are what genuinely keep the world going. Whether that be through formal education institutions like colleges or universities, in-person skill development at work, or specialized online education providers.
  • Creators of educational content are in a unique position to transfer knowledge, facts, resources, skills, and insights to a wide range of businesses. They literally are an authority on their subject, so they can speak with conviction about it. They’ve looked into it. It is taught. They’ve really gotten into it.
  • Teachers all over the world were obliged to change everything they were doing prior to the latest pandemic and teach it in new ways using new resources. All of a sudden, teachers were generating and sharing resources for their kids on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even TikTok.
  • There are opportunities for education outside of the classroom in the areas of skill development, career progression, and personal development. Additionally, there are educational content producers who assist their audience members with managing their finances, succeeding in interviews, getting in better shape, or learning new skills like graphic design or fiction writing.
  • We have moved past kid-friendly crafts and into the realm of direct-to-consumer life-improving goods and services. There are countless options!

Why should You think about collaborating with a social media influencer who is an educator for an influencer marketing campaign?

Education is a reliable source of real influencers for businesses trying to reach out to students, parents, or teachers. Establishing connections with influential educators can lead to the creation of brand evangelists who can have an immediate impact on your target market. An influencer marketing campaign can assist you in achieving all of these objectives whether you want to raise brand awareness, connect with a new audience, gain more social media followers, or boost engagement on your social media channels. The immediate input you receive from influencers regarding your goods or services might help you make improvements. It’s critical to identify your objectives and have a clear understanding of the results you hope to achieve from working with influencers. Although influencers shouldn’t be seen as a tool to drive sales, they can assist spread the word about your goods and services in an authentic way, which may eventually lead to increased sales.

How Can Influencer Marketing for Education Benefit Your Business?

Influencers in education represent the knowledge the target consumer aspires to have. They are adept at identifying the needs of the intended audience and the most effective means of meeting those needs.

Boost Brand Awareness

Thanks to increased awareness, brands can broaden their reach and expose more people to their goods and services thanks to increased awareness. Reach, impressions, and views are examples of awareness measurements. These figures illustrate the number of social media accounts that received branded content. Influencer marketing for education can aid in spreading the word and raising awareness. A newer brand that wants to expand its consumer base or an established brand that needs to introduce a new product line would benefit from a brand awareness campaign.

Increase Engagement

It’s time to use a dependable and seasoned education influencer to create significant dialogues about the business or products. Experienced content producers are aware of the best practices for designing and distributing content that will encourage likes, comments, and shares. These behaviors are the digital representation of a dialogue about companies and goods that encourages customers to interact with them or even make purchases. These initiatives also produce user-generated or shareable content that resonates with the target demographic and is more likely to increase brand exposure.

Generate More Conversions

Conversion-focused campaigns will result in a rise in website traffic, lead generation, purchases, and off-platform engagements. Examples of typical actions include signing up for events, looking through product or sales pages, downloading lead magnets, watching off-platform content, and making a purchase.


Influencer marketing offers various other advantages to offer educational institutions in addition to the ones already discussed. Therefore, the question is not whether or whether influencers may promote learning platforms, but rather when and how to do it in a creative and effective way. The educational media shouldn’t waste any time in using this potent new-age marketing strategy to be heard in the ever-evolving digital environment.