The impact of influencer marketing on the entertainment industry

The impact of influencer marketing on the entertainment industry

Since the media and entertainment industries have undergone a tremendous change recently, brands are increasingly relying on digital advertising. Even digital promotion, however, faces difficulties in maintaining authenticity, reaching relevant audiences, and competing. Brands must achieve the ideal mix between authenticity and high-quality content in a sector that heavily depends on opinion, taste, and emotion. Influencers in the entertainment sector can stand out in one of the biggest and most competitive businesses by reaching relevant audiences and receiving genuine word-of-mouth recommendations. Influencer marketing is becoming a resounding success for brands as their main marketing channel. Influencers are aware of their audiences and are skilled at using content to appeal to their senses and persuade them to make a purchase. 

In the modern world, success depends heavily on having a strong social media presence. But gaining followers can be difficult, and a good social media presence requires them. Fortunately, If you want you can expand your social media channels through subscriberz. Additionally, you can acquire the followers you require to raise your profile, expand your audience, and boost your income. Learn how entertainment brands of all kinds, including streaming, games, movies, and live performances, may collaborate with influencers to publicize new releases and events in order to increase engagement and meet performance goals in this guide.

What is entertainment influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing for entertainment is the practice of brands carefully enlisting influencers to advertise new films, events, or products using genuine, high-quality social media posts about the influencers’ lives and interests. Anything from book publication to film production to sports entertainment is considered an entertainment brand.

Consumer demand for ongoing entertainment soared as a result of the pandemic.

More books were read than ever before, and we binge-watched streaming channels, listened to music, and downloaded podcasts. The entertainment industry saw a boom in subscriptions and sales as a result of our desire to combat the boredom that comes with lockdowns.

By 2020, there will be 1.1 billion subscribers to online video, a 26% increase. Netflix increased its global membership base by 54.6 million in 2020 and 2021. Additionally, 12 million UK residents signed up for a streaming service they had never used before. A similar surge was seen in book sales as people rediscover their passion for reading. Despite most UK bookshops being closed in 2020, more than 200 million books were sold there, which was a record high since 2012. Many switched to digital, with audiobook downloads up 37% and ebook sales up 24%.

Social’s direct impact on our entertainment habits

Social media has an impact on how we think, act, and make decisions about everything from what TV shows to binge to which movies to download, books to read, and music to listen to. It affects both the way that consumers express their ideas and the way that the entertainment business reacts to that criticism. Additionally, with the rise of QR codes, social media has also revolutionized the way people engage with promotional materials, enabling seamless transitions from online platforms to real-world experiences. We’ve broken down below how social media, powerful content producers, and QR codes have affected each kind of entertainment.

The television and movie industry

According to studies, social media directly affects how well-liked movies and TV shows are. Platforms like TikTok are particularly potent because they champion trends and let users to interact radically differently with their favorite TV series and movies. With instance, TikTok received a lot of publicity for the Netflix series Bridgerton. Following this popularity, the makers of TikTok produced “Bridgerton the Musical,” writing original songs that were influenced by the popular television program. This is an illustration of how social media can have a significant impact on how people behave while also showing how users engage with the entertainment they enjoy.

The publishing industry

Social networking has made it “officially back in style to be a bookworm.” The TikTok trending hashtag #BookTok has been used to determine which books people should think about reading at any given time (51.6B views and counting). BookTok, which was founded by “book influencers,” has evolved into a larger TikTok community where readers from all over the world share their visually appealing book collections and must-read lists.

The music industry

Global music rankings and the way streaming services present new songs and playlists to listeners are directly impacted by TikTok and Reels. Songs that are popular on TikTok and Reels are gaining new fans regardless of when they were released. Who could forget the famous skater, Ocean Spray drinking 420doggface208, who used Dreams by Fleetwood Mac as the background music for his wildly popular TikTok? With an album from decades earlier, the band was back in the top 10 on Billboard in just a few short weeks. Aspiring musicians are aware of the potential value of a popular song on social media. The careers of musicians like Lil Nars X, Olivia Rodrigo, and Doja Cat have been boosted as a result of streaming services compiling playlists of popular songs.

There are two categories of entertainment marketing.

  • Celebrity product endorsements for marketing purposes. This also involves supporting or endorsing activities with the sole intent of promoting the brand and its most recent products. You’re on the right track if you picture George Clooney drinking Nespresso.
  • Advertisements for products in comedies and movies. Producers of television programs and motion pictures are quite selective about the clothes and vehicles that actors and actresses drive and the messages that are sent by the goods that are displayed on the screen. These choices are made in order to expose their newest product to an engaged audience while also subtly building brand awareness. Recall Tom Cruise’s 1986 performance in “Top Gun.” His recognizable Ray-Ban Aviators, which are unquestionably required eyewear for every pilot, helped Ray-Ban raise sales by 40% and continue to be one of their best-selling items. Consider an automobile chase that goes by a McDonald’s or BP petrol station, as an example.

The Importance of Entertainment Marketing

Everyone benefits. With the support of entertainment marketing, brands and icons can gain recognition while also receiving crucial funding for film and television projects. It’s very profitable to display a Coca-Cola bottle in the hands of a TV sitcom star or to have a movie celebrity leave in a Toyota Hybrid. The funding for a lot of films and TV shows has come from entertainment marketing. The creators of the well-liked series “Sex and the City,” which is currently showing repeats, and includes Sarah Jessica Parker, have acknowledged that they would not have been able to achieve the longevity they did, having launched six moving seasons, without acceptable commercial placement.

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Entertainment marketing has become an important part of our everyday lives. Through methods such as product placement or celebrity endorsement, brands have the possibility to raise their brand awareness and get their message out to millions of people. That’s why it is important to do it correctly and to get the most out of it. To make your entertainment marketing strategy the best possible, don’t hesitate to rely on the help of media monitoring and social listening tools