The effects of influencer marketing on the technology industry

The effects of influencer marketing on the technology industry

Influencer marketing is at the top of the list of marketing trends that are grabbing the attention of CMOs worldwide. This type of marketing has been embraced by numerous firms in an effort to raise brand recognition, draw in new clients, and foster business expansion. Influencer marketing, which was formerly exclusive to PR or social media departments, is now recognized as a crucial component of marketing strategies and is incorporated into media plans. Influencer marketing is becoming a vital tactic for fostering business expansion thanks to shifting customer behaviors toward the growing usage of e-commerce websites, social media, and mobile buying. E-commerce has increased over the past several years and months, giving online firms a special chance to use social media influencers as crucial partners in their marketing strategy.

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Who are influencers?  

For a better understanding of how influencers might benefit your brand, let’s first define who they are. A professional or expert who is respected and trusted by their audience is an influencer. Despite the fact that there are more influencers than ever, many of them have been successful thanks to agency management. This is a result of the numerous requests for collaboration from businesses. Influencers that have sustained their businesses over time have discovered how to grow and change with their audience while also adapting to trends. They are skilled at creating partnerships that are advantageous to both parties—the brands they work with and themselves. By working with other influencers, they add value to their audiences and spread the word about the material. Influencers on social media are a diverse set of artists.

Why Tech Influencers Exist

It’s necessary to put yourself in the technology buyer’s position in order to respond to this. It is tough to differentiate between fact and fiction because of all the hoopla that is present. If you’ve been around long enough and purchased enough technology, you’ll have experienced disappointment more than once due to a good or service that fell short of expectations or a seller who couldn’t keep their word. Since no two IT settings are the same and what works in one instance can not work in another, even customer references are a poor indicator. A poor purchase choice can be a true career-limiting move for the CIO or IT department head, in addition to being an expensive error.

Reasons Product Managers Should Work With Tech Influencers

Many product managers really feel that the technology they are selling is the best one available. And I’ve yet to come across an engineering team that didn’t believe that they had created a superior mousetrap and that everyone should swarm to their doorstep. Unfortunately, such is rarely the case in the IT industry. There are numerous technologically advanced products in use now that are now only distant historical footnotes. Today, OS2 is not mentioned at all. The best technology does not always win; instead, the best strategic marketing and good (but not always the best) technology typically do. Because of this, OS2 is less well-known than Windows. Microsoft out-marketed IBM rather than out-engineering them.

Types of Tech Influencers

Although there are many different sorts of influencers with variable levels of authority and not all of them neatly fit into clearly defined categories, product leaders should take into account these six categories of tech influencers:

  • Analyst firms;
  • Independent analysts;
  • Innovator and early adopter CIOs;
  • Trade press;
  • Tech bloggers and book authors;
  • Leading IT vendors.

Influencer Marketing Trends for 

  1. Micro and Nano impacts will increase dramatically.

Due to COVID-19, technology businesses have seen a decrease in their marketing budgets. As a result, we may expect to see many technology brands collaborate with micro and nano influencers from many industries.

  1. The days when all it took to advertise a brand was holding a product and taking a selfie are long gone.

Today’s consumers use online resources to perform their research and look for current feedback before making a purchase or utilizing a product/service. Today, a lot of IT companies work with influencers to promote their products.

An excellent illustration of how businesses may collaborate with influencers is the recent partnership between Xiaomi and Biswa Kalyan Rath.

  1. People are watching bite-sized video content instead of images.

I’ll just say TikTok because there isn’t much else to say about this. Did it ring a bell? We all witnessed Facebook advertising “Reels” on Instagram in 2020, and Google launching YouTube clips to enter the market for bite-sized video content.

  1. As time goes on, the engagement rate will be a crucial measure, and merely having a high number of followers won’t be enough. 

Given that we anticipate a massive increase in Micro and Nano influencers in 2021, it is obvious that businesses and marketers are not searching for enormous follower bases. Installations, adjustments, or sales data will be more crucial.

  1. In 2021, the catchphrase for influencer activities will be context supported by data.

Data will be crucial for influencers this year. Influencers can benefit from crucial data such as which materials have worked well, popular subjects, and more to help them prepare more effectively and comprehend their audience.

Establishing Influencer Marketing for Tech Companies: A Step-by-Step Plan

  1. Avoid contacting influencers from outside your sector.

In your sector, look for influencers. A techie or developer will be more able to connect with the tech or developer community than an outsider. An expert in the field will be able to quickly grasp the situation and feel the pulse, which will make it easier for you to communicate and handle the problems.

  1. Find and cultivate local influencers

If you are looking for an established influencer and do not already have an internal resource dedicated to working with influencers, you will need to partner with an outside agency, which will cost you more money. Examine your company’s internal operations. Many of your company’s seasoned, skilled technicians and engineers have given presentations at internal or external events. Utilize their wealth of knowledge; some of them might even have a strong social media presence. Think about creating a network of local influencers.

  1. Create a parenting strategy

The marketing team can serve as an image consultant in this situation and create a plan to discover company influencers and enhance these influencers’ social media accounts.

  • A profile photo
  • Cover photo Profile content Postable content
  • Timeline for the article
  1. Push Push Push 

Indicate influencers for speaking engagements at various company-sponsored or outside events, for publications through the PR system, and so forth. This will enhance their credibility as a leader. The four-step method described here will help you create influencer marketing for tech companies that is low-cost and highly effective.


The greatest moment to invest in influencer marketing strategies is now, given the shifting marketing paradigm. If you don’t have a sizable marketing budget, spend some time considering and perfecting the strategy before launching the influencer marketing strategy. If your best option doesn’t work, you should always have a backup plan in place.