How to Find Out Who Called You From This Phone Number

How to Find Out Who Called You From This Phone Number

Do you receive calls from unknown numbers every day? It could confuse you about whether to pick up or ignore the call without learning the caller’s identity. Most probably, we assume that it is a spam call. But again, ignoring the call is also not an option because it may be from an acquaintance. The dilemma can cause mixed emotions, depending on who is calling and for what purpose. 

This is why it is essential to learn the identity of the caller who calls you from an unknown number. This will ensure that you can block spammers from calling, you do not miss calls from acquaintances, and you avoid telemarketers, and prank calls to save time.

Here are a few ways to help you identify the caller’s identity and help make the decision to receive the call easier.

1. Use Google Search:

Google is one of the largest search engines, which makes it a great starting place to search for unknown phone numbers. It’s the most convenient way to determine who owns the phone number. If the phone number you seek is publicly listed, then Google’s search results will probably show the owner’s identity. It could be a social media website, a job listing, or any other web page where the number has been listed.

There is another possibility that Google will be unable to find anything related to the phone number or the unknown caller. But you have to remember that Google is not a phone number search engine but a generic search engine, which means you may not get the exact results you are looking for and not in an organized fashion. You will also have to do a bit of digging by visiting several pages to find the person who owns the unknown phone number. 

Though the idea of using a search engine to find out the unknown caller is a great one, Google may not be exactly the right place to do it. This is why a reverse phone lookup like WhoCallMe is something that might work better for you to find out who called you. We will get to that part a little later. 

Hence, using Google may be a great starting point, but this is not a foolproof way of finding the unknown caller’s identity.

2. Reverse Phone Lookup Service:

If you are serious about finding the identity of the unknown caller, then you should start by using a reverse phone lookup service. These platforms are created specifically for this purpose. It guarantees to find the unknown caller’s identity and provides accurate results. Hence, this may be your best bet.

A reverse phone lookup platform such as WhoCallMe is one example where you just need to enter the unknown phone number into the website’s search bar and click on the search button to generate the results organized. Now you just have to browse these results to find the correct result you are looking for. The entire process just takes a few minutes as the computing speed of the application is really fast, which makes it the best tool to find the unknown caller. 

It does not just give you the identity of the unknown caller and a comprehensive report of the person. This report may include their alternative phone number, full name, work address, residential address, previous residential address, name of acquaintances, and much more.Further, WhoCallMe also offers a phone number directory with US area codes to make the area-wise unknown phone number search easier for you. 

This means that the next time when you get a call from an unknown caller, you just have to look up the phone number making use of WhoCallMe before answering the call to avoid calls from scammers, spammers, and telemarketers but not miss calls that may be important.

3. Use WhatsApp:

This is an unconventional way to find information about the unknown caller, but it sometimes works. If you do not wish to check out who is calling you on any online site. Then you can do it by saving the number on your phone to search for the profile on your WhatsApp app. Once the number is saved on your device, if the number exists on the WhatsApp platform, you can check the profile associated with the number online. If the person who owns the number has added a description or profile to the WhatsApp number, then this is one way to determine if the number looks legit.

4. Lookup the Phone Number on Social Media:

Social media is a great place to find people nowadays. Most people have profiles on social media that can be used to find out who is calling them from an unknown number. The easiest social media website to do this is Facebook. It has a feature where you can type the phone number under the search bar. The Facebook profile will pop up if the phone number is available on any social media profile. Results will also show every Facebook post that had shared the same number. Hence, there is a high chance that you can determine who owns the number.


If you receive calls from unknown numbers, it is not wise to ignore them completely. Ignoring such calls is still not advisable, even if you know it is illegitimate. Instead, knowing the person’s identity can help you understand if it is indeed a scam call or more than that. If it is a dangerous person who has been stalking you, then you need to know more details about this as they may try to reach out to you no matter what, even if you ignore their calls. But by being informed about who is calling you and getting more details about the unknown caller. It can help you get out of dangerous situations. 

Use the methods we have listed above to help you identify unknown phone numbers and determine the method that works best for you.