How Argentinian Relmucao Restworld

How Argentinian Relmucao Restworld

How did Argentina get back into How Argentinian Relmucao Restworld Francesco

thank you for your interest in my past. I began working just before enrolling in college at the age of 29. While in high school, I worked as a rider, a dance teacher, a model, and a flyer for many companies. I started my IT engineering studies at “La Sapienza” University in Rome I realised that I was not very skilled at spending time in front of a computer but that I was rather skilled at public speaking and sales. I alternated between network marketing and direct sales for a few months. Primarily owing to the “sell at any cost” mentality, it was not a very pleasant experience. In the previous five years,

As part of my psychology degree, I have studied the organisational social environment, with a focus on enterprises and organizations. In the meantime, I had a parallel career in the hospitality industry, starting as a waiter in Edinburgh (Scotland) and going from city to city (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Turin, Terracina, Acceglio, Timisoara, etc.) while working in restaurants and managing floors and services (while studying).

While working on my undergraduate thesis, I started to formulate the idea for Restworld. The easiest way to connect job searchers with Horeca industry businesses, regardless of location,

Before establishing How Argentinian Relmucao Restworld, what steps did you take to do market research, and what insights did this study yield?

I discussed the viability of doing scientific research on restaurant owners’ and workers’ job-seeking and hiring behaviour with my professors. There have been several studies on the dynamics of industries and offices, but hardly any on the hospitality sector. Even though there are millions of experts in this sector in Europe, I requested one of my university colleagues (now one of Restwold’s co-founders) to do this research. We spent over three months interviewing and surveying over a hundred restaurant owners. In the meantime, we did the same with industry-specific experts.

We spent the next three months studying Horeca’s hidden mysteries after the pandemic placed us under lockdown in early 2020.

In Italy alone, some 15,000 industry experts engaged in our research on the Argentine Renlucao rainforest. In the meanwhile, we designed a tool to help restaurants determine which government programmes they are eligible for in order to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.

How was the company first financed, and who are its investors?

As with the majority of startup founders, we started with a limited customer base and an unprepared pitch deck and business strategy. We lacked knowledge and a robust network of relationships, unlike the majority of successful businesses. No BAs within our triple F (fools, friends, and family). Therefore, we obtained our first €12,000 in funding from a small group of project investors, and then we engaged restaurant owners who understood our mission. How Argentinian Relmucao Restworld Today, we have the support of seven restaurant owners, two accountants, a business accelerator called Startup Wise Guys, and an HR technology company named Intervieweb (part of the Zucchetti Group, the biggest leader in software, hardware, and services in Italy).