Cyberbullying and Online Safety: What Parents Need to Know to Protect Their Children

Cyberbullying and Online Safety: What Parents Need to Know to Protect Their Children

Cyberbullying is using digital devices to bully, intimidate, harass, or threaten someone. This can take many forms, including online harassment, hate speech, posting hurtful comments or images, or spreading rumors. Cyberbullying can have serious consequences, both for the victim and the perpetrator, and it is important to take steps to prevent and address it.

  • Cyberbullying among teenagers is common as this generation uses smart gadgets like toys from an early age. 60% of parents have reported that children belonging to the age group 14-18 have been bullied, according to 2019 data.
  • 19.2% of cyberbullying happens through social media

Now completely eliminating social media or smart gadgets from kids’ lives is nearly impossible. Thus, parents must find practical ways to protect their kids from cyber bullies and ensure their online safety. Parents must strictly monitor all digital activities to protect their children. In this era, the only way out is to use parental control apps. Monitoring apps or monitoring software are common among the parental community these days. These tools are professional weapons to assure the kids’ digital safety without disturbing their digital freedom.OgyMogy, one of the best apps, offers many authentic parental control features.

Cyberbullying among teenagers can take many forms. Here is a detail of types of cyberbullying and how parents can keep an eye on their kids with the help of parental control apps or monitoring software.


Sending mean or threatening messages, spreading rumors, or posting hurtful comments on social media all come under harassment. The trend of spreading rumors and posting malicious and hurful comments is that mush common that it is now considered normal. The role of social media is important as the content can spread like fire within seconds online. Parents need to know about all the instant messenger chat apps their kids use. Parental control apps like the OgyMogy offer remote access to the chatting history of the kids. Sharing of triggering content can be notified to parents.

Exclusion From Group Chats:

WhatsApp, Line, Telegram, and many other apps offer private chat and group content. It is easy to join any group with just a click with many instant messenger chat apps. Deliberately excluding someone from an online group or conversation comes under cyberbullying, and making fun of any classmate or virtual friend in the chatting groups is bad. Keep an eye on the private chat groups of the kids secretly with the monitoring app.

Impersonation on Digital Media:

Another form of cyberbullying is pretending to be someone else online to spread rumors, post embarrassing photos or messages, or make fake profiles. Fake or second accounts are often used for this type of activity. A monitoring app can report any secret account of your kid on digital media. Not just that, you can extract sensitive information like account id and password as well. Keystroke logging can extract that kind of information about the kids for parents.  

Invasion of Privacy:

Sharing someone’s personal information or photos without their consent is a serious crime. Ensure you teach your kids basic manners and help them become responsible digital citizens. The real-time screen monitoring and screen activities recorded in screenshots and short video records can help the parents trace any red flags. They can use this data as proof to let their kids know afterward about the evil intentions of the people they consider their friends. It also helps parents know if their kid is the culprit and is causing harm to other kids by sharing their private photos or chat messages with their social circle.  


Repeatedly sending messages or comments that cause fear or distress to the victim must be addressed seriously by the parents. It is alarming if your kid is being stalked or is the culprit on social media and instant messenger chat app monitoring features. Tools like the Facebook monitoring app, WhatsApp monitoring app, Line monitoring app, Instagram monitoring app, and more are a great deal of help.

Cyberbullying can have serious consequences on the victim’s mental health and overall well-being and can be just as harmful as in-person bullying. Monitoring all digital activities through custom ways is nearly impossible for parents. So monitoring apps can be smartly used to know minor details about kids’ life and online activities. OgyMogy offer Mac, Windows, and android version. Installation is very simple and easy. Follow easy steps to complete the installation process and play your part in making the online world a toxic-free space.